Egypt Natural Bridge
See “Metate Arch” for directions to “Hole-in-the-Rock Rd.” and “Devil’s Garden”. About 4 ˝ miles south of the turnoff to Devil’s Garden, turn left onto a dirt road (high clearance). Drive up this road for 9 miles to Egypt 1 and Egypt 2 Slot Canyons (they are obvious since the road skirts around the top of the Canyons). Hiking down the east one leads to three natural bridges, this one being 2 ˝ miles down the Canyon. It’s possible to cross over to the other Canyon and return by that route, making a 5 mile loop. The Bridge has a span of about 3 ft. and a vertical opening of about 6 ft. Ted took this photo on a morning in May and found the going very muddy.

Photo by Ted Dahlmann
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