Puzzling Arch
Puzzling Arch     Turning off Hwy 95 east of Lake Powell at mile 64.5 on to an un-marked road to Gravel Crossing in White Canyon. Hike a half mile downstream W, then N, and then W again. The right side wall of the canyon at that point is pretty vertical and there are two small arches in the wall.
At the far end of the wall it is offset away from the wash and there is a chimney in the offset. I wanted to see what it was and whether there was more than one arch. I went back to Gravel Crossing and followed the road up-hill to the top of the bench which I followed back to the arch to get on top. I found a large boulder right on top of the chimney and the one real opening turned out to be the side-wall of the chimney. I climbed part way way up the chimney and took a picture looking out.

Photo and Directions
by Ted Dahlman

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