Duvey Arch
The nickname for Devin who (apparently) first reported the arch. The arch is located high on the eastern face of Left Fork Canyon, a side canyon of Blacksmith Fork Canyon in northern Utah. From Salt Lake City, take I-15 north to the Brigham City exit (364). Follow this road, US 89/91, over the beautiful Wellsville Mountains . Turn right onto Utah Rt. 101 (at the traffic light) and continue on through the town of Hyrum. The road enters the very scenic Blacksmith Fork canyon. Note the mile markers and turn left just beyond mile 13 onto the Left Fork Canyon Rd. This road is paved for the first half mile and then becomes a rough 2wd road. Follow this road for 2.6 miles and park at a turnout on the left. The arch is visible in the distance from this location. It is a steep hike with a lot of loose rocks to get to the arch (the author didn't make it. He took this photo from the turnout).
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