Cox Canyon Arch
Cox Canyon Arch Cox Canyon Arch is one of the most striking arches in the Aztec area. Among natural arches, it is unusual with both ends rising from a horizontal plane, and with a perfect arch-shaped opening. Delicate Arch is another example of this type of arch. Cox Canyon Arch has a span of 42 ft. and a height of 35 ft.. The finding of Indian artifacts near the arch has moved local people to name it Anasazi Arch.
It is located 12 miles north of Aztec and 3.5 miles south of the Colorado border. Take route US 550 to milepost 169/170, look for county road 2300 and head west for 1.25 miles. County road 2310 bears right, head north for 2.5 miles to a gas well compressor site. A dirt track on the north side of the gas well leads to a cliffbase. An unmarked trail climbs northeast to the arch.

GPS Coordinates:
36 59.86N
107 54.54W

Photo by
Ben Prepelka

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