Chunk Arch
The Dalton Well dirt road turns east from Rt. 191 north of Moab. A group of explorers traveling this road, stumbled upon a pretty good-sized arch which they could not identify. The author was not acquainted with the arch either; but with some help from the experts, it was identifed as being inside the Park and bore the name, "Chunk". It would be difficult to find the arch from the Dalton Well Rd., but according the Park map, it is only 3/8 of a mile from the 4wd trail which starts opposite Balanced Rock and goes north past Herdina Park to Klondike Bluffs. If one were to travel about 7 miles up this road and hike west for about 3/8 mile, one might run across this arch with a little exploring. The author has never made this trip and does not guarantee success. Before trying this trip, one should inquire at the Visitor's Center regarding the condition of the 4wd trail. Dr. Scott Marland was with the Dalton Well group and took this photo of the arch.
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