Chinde Natural Bridge One
Chinde Natural Bridge One This span is located in the Painted Desert part of the Park north of Interstate 40. Chinde N.B. (Rob's name) can be seen by walking east a few hundred feet from the sign at the rim of Chinde Point. Look down to where the steep hillside begins to level out as you walk east toward Kachina Point. You can see the span in a small gully about 300 ft. below. There is no trail to the N.B. but if one wears sturdy ankle-supporting boots, one can switchback down to the N.B. for a close look at the well-preserved knot holes in the bridge. Alternately, using a GPS, one can walk down the developed trail below nearby Kachina Point and walk cross-country to Chinde N.B. at UTM 12S 609960E 3883479N (WGS84). This last route can be exercised while exploring for Onyx N.B.
See Chinde N.B. Two and Three for different views of this span.

Photo by Rob Jones
Trip Report

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