Bisti No. 5 Arch
Arches labeled Bisti No. 1 thru 5 are located in a BLM administered area officially known as the Bisti Wilderness although more often called the Bisti Badlands.. This area would be a good stop for someone visiting the Chaco Culture National Historical Park which is close by. Drive 37 miles south from Farmington on NM 371 and turn left onto a gravel road at an historical marker. (there are some interesting formations on the right here also). The formations are similar to those found in Goblin Valley, UT although on a larger scale. For a description of the area go to this Bisti Badlands website. The author briefly visited the area years ago, but was not aware of the arches. Mr. Paul Neiman has kindly permitted the author to show these 5 arches which he photographed.
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