Bayles Ranch Arch
Bayles Ranch Arch This arch is located in the Manti La Sal National Forest north of Blanding. Although the first part of the hike is across private property, the owner has said that people hiking to the arch and nothing else do not need permission. The author suggests that visitors take extra care to respect the owners property. In Blanding, drive north from the intersection of Center St. (US191) and 100 East (this is FS 095). At 8 miles, the pavement ends; at 10.5 miles, stay left; at 11.9 miles, fork left toward Elk Ridge; at 14.8 miles, turn left onto 4wd road; at 14.9 miles, fork right; at 16 miles, park outside the gate. From the gate, hike 1.5 miles to the arch; first hiking west around a rock promontory then across a meadow up-canyon to the northeast. The arch is on Forest Service land. To view the arch from the road, continue driving ahead past where the 4wd road starts (at 14.8 miles) . At 17.6 miles (ie, 2.8 miles further) the road takes a sharp right around a point. At 17.8 miles, stop and look down the canyon for the arch. The arch is located at UTM 12S 623521E 4185328N. Directions, courtesy of the Natural Arch and Bridge Society.

Photo by
Larry Fogleman

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